Do Collagen Creams Work And Should You Use Them?

19 April, 2023

Collagen is a massive word in the world of skincare right now. Many of the topical skin products on the market today boast this ‘magic’ word on the label, but do they really increase the level of collagen in your body?

Let’s look at the science…

Collagen definitely has a vital role in skin care. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body. In fact, collagen makes up around 25-35% of the body’s total protein count. Around 29 different types of collagen can be found in the body, however more than 90% of the total protein level in the body is Types 1 to 5. Type 1 collagen (the collagen that you’ll find in a DermaShotz sachet) can be found in skin, tendon, ligature, organs and bone, and as skin is the largest organ in the human body, it stands to reason that Type 1 collagen is the most abundant type of collagen that we have.

Collagen that is found in creams and serums is synthetic, and although applying products such as these to our skin is likely to add extra moisture to the epidermis (the outer-most layer of skin), it will almost certainly do little else. That is, it really won’t do anything to increase the collagen levels within your body. This is because collagen cannot be absorbed through the dermis. In order for collagen to be absorbed into our body, the collagen molecules need to be broken done into far smaller peptides through the process of hydrolysis.

The most effective way of adding collagen into your skin care routine is by taking an oral hydrolysed collagen supplement, where the body can effectively absorb the hydrolysed collagen particles and send those collagen peptides to the places that your body needs them the most!

DermaShotz has 11,000mg of the World’s leading Hydrolysed Marine Collagen per serving! Drinking one sachet every day is an extremely effective way of increasing your body’s collagen levels, while also promoting your body’s own collagen production at the same time.