Here’s how DermaShotz can help you through the ‘cold season’

11 October, 2022

In the winter we tend to use less energy. As days get shorter and colder, we take more time to rest and replenish. As such, it’s a great opportunity to use the winter months to give our body some much-needed ‘TLC’ and to top up on essential nutrients.

DermaShotz are the best supplement for your body this winter and here’s why…

The key ingredient found in DermaShotz is a Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (11,000mg per serving to be precise… the most you’ll find in any single serve collagen drink at the time of writing!). After consumption, the absorbed collagen peptides remain in your body for around 14 days, where they support your tissue and boost your immune system to help you feeling (and looking!) your absolute best. Collagen helps improve skin elasticity and moisture levels and retention, so DermaShotz can combat dry, tired and irritated skin this winter.

Whether you stay inside or brave the cold to work out this winter, collagen aids in exercise recovery and promotes muscle growth, allowing your body to fully benefit from all that hard work!

Additionally, collagen supports your gut health and immunity. This is extremely important during the colder months when you’re more susceptible to viruses like colds and ‘the flu’.

Although collagen is the main ingredient, it isn’t the only one that’ll be your ‘saving grace’ this winter.

DermaShotz also contain 120mg of Hyaluronic Acid, which our skin naturally produces to help maintain hydration. However, the older we get, the less we produce. Therefore, it is essential you ‘top up’ the Hyaluronic Acid lost with age.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a humectant, which means it pulls moisture to the upper layer of the skin for an instant hydrating effect. During colder months, even when the air becomes drier, HA pulls moisture from deeper levels of the skin to hydrate the surface. In short, Hyaluronic Acid is the best way to achieve plump and hydrated skin, so say goodbye to chapped lips and dry cheeks this winter!

Another key ingredient perfect for the winter, is MSM, which is an easily absorbed and naturally occurring compound of sulphur. MSM increases the absorption of nutrients so that the energy expenditure on digestion is vastly reduced.

It is also a key supplement in treating Osteoarthritis and joint pain. Cold weather tends to exacerbate aches and pains, and MSM can really help to relieve this pain so that the winter months aren’t as gruelling.

Harsh winters can often create problems for your body such as respiratory illnesses, skin conditions and Arthritis. DermaShotz contains a full spectrum of  vitamins and minerals to help support your body in the ‘winter battle’.

Curcumin, present in each DermaShotz sachet, is proven to have a suppressive effect on ‘the flu’. It works as an antioxidant, and helps build immunity so that your body can recognise and destroy any ‘nasties’ that have previously attacked your body. Its anti-inflammatory effects are also useful in treating asthma, which can be worse during winter months.

Not only does it prevent physical illness, but Curcumin also helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety and seasonal depression. During the winter, it is easy to shut yourself away from the world and find yourself struggling to reconnect. DermaShotz provide you with that feel-good energy boost needed to help you push through the harder months.

Curcumin isn’t the only ingredient in DermaShotz that helps with feelings of anxiety and depression. DermaShotz are packed full of the ‘must-have’ vitamins for this winter, such as vitamin A, vitamin B (6,7 and 12), vitamin C and Vitamin D.

The B vitamins, otherwise known as the “anti-stress vitamins” create the feel-good neurotransmitters responsible for maintaining a positive mood.

Vitamin A is yet another defence against illness and infection, but it also helps vision in dim light. Perfect for those winter nights when it gets dark early.

For years vitamin C has been branded as the top home remedy for keeping colds at bay. Although it is not scientifically proven to prevent colds entirely, it does in fact lessen the severity of the symptoms of a cold, and shortens the duration of illness. If we can’t eradicate colds altogether, we might as well make them more manageable.

Vitamin D is created directly in sunlight. During winter, we have limited exposure to sunlight and therefore, benefit from less vitamin D. Several large studies have shown a direct link between a vitamin D deficiency and respiratory tract infections such as colds, Bronchitis and Pneumonia. Essentially, vitamin D acts as another preventative ingredient to winter illness.

There is not a single ingredient in Dermashotz that doesn’t help our bodies thrive during the colder winter months.

All of the ingredients listed above are blended together to create your perfect winter drink… so get sipping!